If you were to awake from a deep sleep wouldn’t you want it to be a new day?

On May 26, Gladiator Leaders will disclose the “Systematic Indoctrinations” that have undermined aspiring leaders for generations. May 26, dawns a “New Day” for the development of public and private leadership on all levels. Leadership is about navigation. How good do you move?

Attaining Gladiator Leadership involves 24 proven steps. When properly utilized these steps work 24/7. Their implementation is subject to timing, but they are not diminished over time.

With the May 26, release of Gladiator Leaders: Don’t Drink the Laced Drink approaching; I, will continue to pose some: Ponder this questions: for our Bloggers, Friends, Following and Prospective Readers. Since, Gladiator Leaders focus is on Individual Development; why not begin our “Internal Exploration” Now? Please share and invite your friends and following to join our conversation.

Thank you,

A. K.

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About A. K. Hasan

A. K. Hasan is Author of Gladiator Leaders: Don't Drink the Laced Drink A. K. Hasan is a leadership anomaly. His “Unconform” approach to leadership led to his election to a school board at twenty-six years old. He was the youngest person ever elected to serve on that board. At twenty-seven, he was elected president of the board. He was the first African American elected and youngest ever to serve as president. Hasan was later elected to a city council. After sixteen years outside politics and the limelight, he reemerged and was elected to a one-year term on the school board. Prior to Hasan being elected to public office, he navigated a number of obstacles as a community activist. He emerged as the key community spokesperson against and later for magnet schools. He remains an avid advocate for magnet schools to this day. Each of the three magnet schools Hasan helped to create has earned a number-one ranking among magnet schools in the United States. Hasan is a lifelong resident of Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia. This is his first book. I hope you enjoy reading my book. Contact: A. K. Hasan, author Author Website: gladiatorleaders.com Author Email: ak@gladiatorleaders.com
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