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Gladiator Leaders Brainy Quotes Posted

I recently discovered via Google some Quotes from my book, Gladiator Leaders have been added to website: I think this is cool. Particularly, since I have not officially launched my book promotions and tour. On sale at amazon:


Planning Ahead!

Living one day at a time sounds pretty good if you plan to be short sighted all your life? Otherwise, you may want to incorporate long term planning into your future goals.  Because, if you fail to plan then your plan is to fail.  Think about it?  My book, For Sale:

Gladiator Leaders

Alternative Thinking… is a great skill to have in your plan for personal development. Visit your favorite bookseller and buy Gladiator Leaders Don’t Drink the Laced Drink. It’s a must read for leaders!

A Gladiator Leader’s Motto!

“I believe in strong leadership and I plan to lead by example.” by A. K. Hasan, author of Gladiator Leaders Don’t Drink the Laced Drink. Purchase your copy today at   or from your favorite bookseller.

Has the year changed; yet, you’re the same?

Self Help is available, Enhance your navigation skills: Order Gladiator Leaders the 21st Century Leadership Guide!

Did you “Resolute 2015” to improve yourself and do more?

Enhance your navigation skills: Order Gladiator Leaders or

2015 It’s Time! Happy New Year…

Blogging Friends, Following and Public!

Happy New Year – 2015; America’s New Beginning!

Take Charge of You… Gladiator Leadership Guide Released… Please visit “Buy”, “Like and Share”  via    Please visit “Buy”, “Like and Share” Gladiator Leaders or shop your favorite bookseller for Gladiator Leaders by A. K. Hasan? It’s just the beginning!

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