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Gladiator Leaders for sale on ebay around the world

Book Title: Gladiator Leaders Don’t Drink the Laced Drink


Gladiator Leaders (handbook) by A. K. Hasan

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Gladiator Leaders

Alternative Thinking… is a great skill to have in your plan for personal development. Visit your favorite bookseller and buy Gladiator Leaders Don’t Drink the Laced Drink. It’s a must read for leaders!

A Gladiator Leader’s Motto!

“I believe in strong leadership and I plan to lead by example.” by A. K. Hasan, author of Gladiator Leaders Don’t Drink the Laced Drink. Purchase your copy today at   or from your favorite bookseller.

Did you “Resolute 2015” to improve yourself and do more?

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Happy New Year – 2015; America’s New Beginning!

Take Charge of You… Gladiator Leadership Guide Released… Please visit “Buy”, “Like and Share”  via    Please visit “Buy”, “Like and Share” Gladiator Leaders or shop your favorite bookseller for Gladiator Leaders by A. K. Hasan? It’s just the beginning!

2015 It’s Time!

“Never accept the role of a Gladiator if you do not have the spirit of a Warrior.” by A. K. Hasan *** Gladiator Leadership Guide Released…Order from Publisher via @authorhouse or favorite bookstore today!

Leadership for Christmas Gift!

Gladiator Leaders: Councilman Rather Bright meets Ms. Rosie Light  via It’s on Sale at your favorite bookstore.

The Unforgettable Gift!

It takes a wise person to Gift Wrap A Leadership Guide for Christmas. Gladiator Leaders, A must Read  via

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